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Farm-to-Table: A Hot Trend

Serving Fresh Food is the Hot Trend

There is a hot trend taking place in restaurants around the country. Farm-to-table is becoming more popular as people want to eat fresh food. Since there are no processed foods on the plate, it is fresher, healthier, and thus an overall better choice for today’s health conscious consumers.

You can incorporate the farm-to-table trend within your dining room in a number of ways.

Farmhouse Kitchen Tables

Reclaimed wood can be used to create farmhouse style kitchen tables. These can be made in any size, based upon how many people you want to sit at each table. You can choose four and six tops or much larger to make family style tables. There is a distinct style with a farmhouse table that can scream out farm fresh as well as environmentally friendly.

The tables can be raw rood or white washed. This will allow you to alter your décor as desired throughout the dining room while still being true to the trend. Using wood can provide a sturdier solution compared to some other materials. Additionally, it demonstrates your commitment to helping the earth.

Recycled Menus and Other Items

The farm-to-table concept opens itself up to being very eco-friendly, so this can be used throughout various aspects of your restaurant. Create your menus on recycled paper or even use a chalkboard on the back wall to write out the specials of the day. This would allow you to create new items based upon what’s in season and never have to worry about printing new menus.

You can also use other items made from recycled materials, including napkins and to-go containers. Repurpose items instead of putting them in the trash as a way of decorating, such as using glass jars as flower vases, and more.

Use an Egg

The egg is gaining in popularity on the farm to fresh menus around the country. It is no longer a breakfast food. People are using it in lunches and dinners by incorporating it into frittatas and quiches instead of using a sauce, and so on. The farm produces a versatile product that can enhance numerous dishes.

Include Fresh Veggies

It’s hard to go farm-to-table without vegetables. Offer up veggies on the menu in new and exciting ways – and make sure that they are all local and within season. You may have your own farm out back or use products from various farms within the area. Tell people what farms the food comes from so they know that your concept is real and not just going with a trend.

However you choose to incorporate the farm to table concept, it can boost sales and show you as being more eco-friendly as well as being concerned with the local economy. It also helps you raise awareness about the ingredients you consume, among other benefits.