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Round vs. Square Wood Tables For Restaurants

Round vs. Square Wood Tables For Restaurants

Deciding to go with round or square wood tables for your restaurant table tops is a difficult choice to make when it comes to your restaurant aesthetics. Round tables are always keen to the eye, but square tables are commonly used by most restaurants for a reason. Both shapes have their differences, good and bad. Here are some benefits of each wood table shape.

Square Wood Tables

First of all, square wood tables are perfect for locations that are square shaped. Not only that, but square wood tables maintain a strong symmetrical balance in your restaurant, so your guests do not feel bent out of shape, in a sense. They are also durable enough to be used with hairpin table legs, which bring a unique aspect to any decor space.

Square tables also makes setting up tables for larger groups easier. All you have to do is put two tables together. The aesthetics of wood tables can also make conversation among guests more relaxing and comfortable.

Round Wood Tables

Circular wood tables are perfect for locations that are small. Circular wood tables also create a more friendly and warm environment. They are specifically great for family restaurants and restaurants that require food sharing, such as a Korean BBQ.

Other Things To Consider

Square tables do not correlate well with rectangular restaurant space, because of the vulnerability to crowding and not enough space for people to get up from their seats and move around. Round tables should always be inspected for sturdiness and durability, since they are prone to become unbalanced over time.

Make sure to leave 24 to 26 inches of space between tables so people can move around comfortably; 24 inches between chairs and table so guests sitting at the table do not feel crowded; and do not exceed 48 inches in table size, so there isn’t too much separation among guests when exchanging conversation or food. These size recommendations will provide the best experience possible to your guests.