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Reclaimed Wood Furniture vs. Antique Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Furniture vs. Antique Furniture

In the market for unique furniture? A lot of modern furniture can be unauthentic and have no character. Which is the reason why people would rather spend their money on reclaimed furniture or antique furniture. Both are great options because they are environmentally friendly since they are not being fed to landfills.

Some of the benefits of purchasing reclaimed wood for furniture vs. antique furniture are:

  • Animals who live in the woods get to keep their homes.
  • It’s highly durable.
  • It can be matched with reclaimed wood flooring or chairs that make it perfect for home or restaurant decor.

Both reclaimed wood and antique furniture tell a story. Reclaimed wood from a barn can tell the story of an old family farm or antique furniture depending on what era it’s from, can help you visually understand their style of that era.

Antique furniture comes in many prices. Antique furniture that has passed on for generations perhaps by a wealthy family heritage can have very high value and can be very expensive to obtain. There is also less expensive antique furniture that probably doesn’t have a lot of history or has a bit of wear and tear. Nonetheless, some reasons why antique furniture can be a great investment are:

  • It can’t possibly go out of style.
  • Better quality than modern furniture.
  • More unique than modern furniture.

Some disadvantages when it comes to antique furniture is that it can take up a lot of space when compared to reclaimed wood furniture. Reclaimed furniture is more modernly designed unlike antique furniture where some pieces can get very large. Also, antique furniture can sometimes be more expensive than reclaimed wood because of a history a certain item may have. Reclaimed wood on the other hand is very affordable.

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