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How To Waterproof Reclaimed Wood Furniture

How To Waterproof Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Did you build reclaimed wood furniture for your bar or restaurant and plan to use it for the outdoors? The good thing about reclaimed wood is that it is highly durable but you can still take a few steps to get the most out of its durability when weather conditions such as rain present themselves.

Below are the step by step instructions on how to waterproof your reclaimed wood tables, chairs, and more, so your furniture stays in tip top shape.


First you need to decide what oil to use. You can choose from walnut, linseed, and tung. The difference among these is that walnut oil is similar to olive oil, linseed oil is commonly used but is poisonous when boiled, and tung oil is one of the pricey options and most commonly used on small projects.


When you go shopping for your oil, usually the more the better so you can use it several times throughout the reclaimed wood’s life. If you have a large amount of reclaimed wood furniture that needs to be waterproofed, we recommend purchasing an exterior stain and sealant.

You will also need some lint-free rags, and turpentine and apple cider vinegar to create a mixture with the oil.


Like a paint job, you have to make a mixture of the oil when planning to use it on reclaimed wood. For a more durable finish we recommend creating a mixture of oil, turpentine, and apple cider vinegar. You should mix until everything is blended well


To get the best finish on your reclaimed wood, then sanding it with fine grit 220 sandpaper is highly advisable. Not sanding your reclaimed wood will lead to bumps and uneven color, which will make the reclaimed wood furniture look bad and uneven.

When done sanding, use a cloth to wipe off any remaining residue

Waterproofing Reclaimed Wood

Finally, you can begin the oiling process. Use gloves and keep lint-free rags around to spread the oil with. Apply the oil evenly and must not touch the oil while it is getting absorb. Once done, let it dry for 30 minutes and then use a cloth to wipe off any excess oil you see.

Let it dry for 24 hours and then you can apply the sealant if you choose to.

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