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How Reclaimed Wood Helps Forests

How Reclaimed Wood Helps Forests

Kids are told not to waste paper because paper is made from trees. That depletes our forests. Overusing paper isn’t the only problem, but also the manufacturing of new furniture. The use of too much paper is finally decreasing thanks to awareness, but also the rising use of computers in our daily lives. With furniture that is not the case.

Although there is a rising demand for reclaimed wood furniture as people are becoming more environmentally-conscious.

Using reclaimed wood for furniture, such as tables and chairs is a form of reusing and recycling. Like reusing and recycling cans and bottles, reclaimed wood is a great way of helping the environment, especially the destruction of forests, which is happening at a rate of 32 million acres a year. An awesome benefit is how great and unique reclaimed wood actually looks as furniture.

The beauty of reclaimed wood is that it can come from old pallets, old crates or barn wood and can be made into beautiful-looking furniture and other accessories. Check out some of our products made out of reclaimed wood here. (

Protects Forest Wood

Using reclaimed wood helps keep demand for forest wood low, helping protect and restore forests. Also, 300 million people and 80 percent of species live in forests and by not sourcing wood from forests we are helping them keep their home.

Reclaimed wood use has advocates such as the Forest Stewardship Council, that labels products that are made out of reclaimed and the WWF’s Global Forest and Trade Network, which promotes the use of reclaimed wood and battles any illegal logging.

Also great about using reclaimed wood is that it decreases pollution produced from milling raw wood. Decreasing unwanted chemicals in the air and promoting better air quality.

By using reclaimed wood you are doing your part in helping our forests without really losing anything in terms of quality. Because reclaimed wood is both stylish and durable.