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Reclaimed Wood or Steel For Chairs?

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Reclaimed Wood or Steel For Chairs?

Looking for chairs for your restaurant and can’t decide what material will suit your needs best? When it comes to chairs, most are made out of wood or steel. Reclaimed wood is another option instead of steel and there are a few things to consider when choosing between the two.


Reclaimed wood and steel chair prices will differ depending on things such as size, type, or how it was made. Although reclaimed wood is more difficult to obtain, steel is more difficult and expensive to work with. They require more tools and equipment for chair creation. So the debate on price will be up in the air. It will depend on two things — your budget and the work that went into making the chair.


Steel chairs offer a cleaner look, and will go well with white, brown and gray colors. Also depending on the theme, steel can be a perfect modern touch. Reclaimed wood, on the other hand, can be seen as vintage. Every piece of reclaimed wood furniture is unreplicable and because of this, reclaimed offers its own touch of elegance. When it comes to surrounding decor, reclaimed wood goes well with anything.


Although reclaimed wood is very durable, steel — thanks to advancements in manufacturing technology — is the best choice for durability.


Reclaimed wood is recycled wood from old barns and buildings so it is highly sustainable. Although steel is also sustainable because it is recycled and reused by a melting and reshaping process, this process still produces harmful emissions that reclaimed wood does not.

Choosing the best chair material can be a difficult task depending on your decision hurdles. Overall, both are suitable options. If interested in reclaimed wood chairs, check out our high quality selection here.