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How To Hand Wash Reclaimed Wood

How To Hand Wash Reclaimed Wood

Starting your own reclaimed wood project is a great idea that you definitely will not regret. But before embarking on the building process it is important to wash that reclaimed wood you are going to use. You can wash reclaimed a few ways, such as pressure washing or hand washing. Since not everyone owns a power washer, today we will cover the hand wash reclaimed wood steps.

Hand Wash Reclaimed Wood Steps:

Step 1

Before starting the washing process, use pliers to remove any nail and tacks on the wood.

Step 2

If you don’t own sawhorses the best ways to place the planks out for easier washing are between two chairs, on a bench with the longer sides hanging out or against a wall in a slanted position.

Step 3

Mix water and dishwashing detergent onto a bucket.

Step 4

Spray the planks with water to remove any dirt and grime.

Step 5

Using the bucket of water and detergent, begin to scrub away at every side and corner of the planks.

Step 6

Rinse the planks until every inch of soapy water is gone.

Step 7

Let them dry for about 6 hours before you begin your reclaimed wood project.

Hand Wash Reclaimed Wood- Final Words

If you won’t begin your reclaimed wood project till another day, make sure to store the planks in your home or garage to keep them clean and free from dirt.