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Top Restaurant Design Trends For 2018

Top Restaurant Design Trends For 2018

The restaurant industry is as competitive as ever. From unique gourmet burgers to unique and unduplicated decor and looks, top restaurant design always have qualities and aspects that keep the customers coming.

Looking for a revamp for your restaurant? Here are the top restaurant design trends for 2018.

Indoor Vines

2017 was the year for indoor vines and they aren’t going away in 2018. Indoor vines are easy to grow and give your restaurant a more appealing green look your customers will most definitely find appealing.

Synthetic Marble Wallpaper

We all want marble tables and countertops, but marble is expensive. You can flip the switch by getting synthetic marble wallpaper. Customers might actually believe it’s the real thing.

Danish Hygge

Hygge in Danish means enjoying the good things in life and good vibes and atmosphere. For design this translate into cozy knits, calming colors, and candles.


The farmhouse design style for restaurants isn’t easy to implement. Antique-style furniture is everywhere, especially since furniture can be distressed to achieve the appearance. Farmhouse style furniture for restaurants is all about the real thing. Things like unfinished floors, old-fashioned tables, and weathered and rustic chairs can achieve that farmhouse look for you.

Reclaimed Wood

We saved the best for last. Reclaimed wood for the past few years has found itself as the go-to choice in design for many homes, restaurants and bars. Moreover, reclaimed wood can be used for tons of DIY projects like tables, wine racks, coasters, chairs, and even a fireplace. The list is endless.

However, not only is reclaimed wood a great design for your restaurant, but it is environmentally friendly at a very high level which is sure to win the hearts of sustainable consumers.

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