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Restaurant Designs in US Awarded by the American Institute of Architecture

Best Restaurant Designs Awarded in Los Angeles

The American Institute of Architecture recently had an awards ceremony for the top restaurant designs within the United States. RC Supplies supplied products for the two of the winners, including The Nice Guy and Odys + Penelope. They were both chosen within their respectable categories to be considere one of the top restaurant designs.

11th Annual Restaurant Design Awards

The award winners were featured during the 11th annual Restaurant Design Awards in Los Angeles, California on May 30. It took place at the LA Convention Center on the Dwell on Design expo floor. The jury categories along with People’s Choice were reveal, and it was obvious that architects have been busy trying to “one up” the competition on a regular basis.

The jury consisted of several architects as well as the publisher of several California magazines. A total of 15 projects were get select as finalists for the competition, with the breakdown of categories as 7 in restaurants, 6 in café/bars, and 2 in lounges/nightclubs.

Nearly 3000 votes came in from across the country for People’s Choice. The competition is open to restaurant owners and architects and honors excellence within restaurant design. Each year, it is held within Los Angeles, and as such, many of the restaurants, bars, and lounges within LA are part of the finalists. Judges have their work cut out for them because of the many submissions that come in.

Barbara Lazaroff, a glamorous restaurateur and interior designer was the host of the awards ceremony. Ted Hyman, the board of director’s president for the AIA|LA, was also present to say a few words and kick off the awards for the evening.

Restaurant is in Los Angeles

Odys + Penelope is a restaurant that was within the jury winner’s category. The restaurant is in Los Angeles and features brick walls, wood paneled ceilings, and a wooden countertop bar as well as wooden tables. RC Supplies is the supplier of many of the products feature within the restaurant. It has a very natural and eco-friendly look. The overall design of the restaurant is by Preen, Inc.

Under the People’s Choice within the lounge/nightclub category is The Nice Guy, also located in Los Angeles, CA. The lounge design by Built, Inc. and features a marble bar, wood paneling behind the bar. And windows illuminate with lights for all of the bottles of alcohol. RC Supplies were responsible for supplying many of the tables and chairs throughout the lounge. To provide the eclectic look that is found from one side of the venue to the other.


Winners from some of the other categories were found around the country. Including Flying Squirrel in Chattanooga, TN, Saul Bistro in Guatemala, The Bachelor Farmer in Minneapolis, MN, and many more.

The winning designs run the gamut in terms of style. Ranging from buildings that look like works of art or even bulldogs from the outside to interiors. That have wood paneling, tapestries, and more lining the walls. Every year, there are new designs and new winners. And it is the hope that RC Supplies can be a part of many more victories.