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Technology at the Table

Technology at the Table

Technology is a big part of the table at many restaurants today. There are some individual restaurants and chains that are using iPads built into the table as well as inviting people to download an app that will give them more features. By doing this, people feel like they are part of the process and can personalize their dining experience a little more.

Technology at the Table – Ordering Apps

Many restaurants are allowing people to sit down at the table and then order, using various ordering apps. This can be with a provided tablet or with the help of a smartphone or other handheld device. There may still be servers around to help with the order taking, but this allows people to put everything in on their own, should they desire. It can also help if a person wants to order another drink or dessert and they cannot track their server down in a timely fashion. People feel like they are in charge, and it can lead to many feeling as though they are getting better customer service. It also takes pressure off of the wait staff.

Assistance Apps

There are plenty of restaurants using assistance apps as well. These will signal the server that a person wants to speak to a manager, order something else, or get their check. This is the customer-service oriented version of the ordering apps where the restaurant has decided they still want human interaction to take place.

Music Apps

Gone are the days of the jukebox. It’s rare to go into a restaurant and see a jukebox in the corner, let alone one that works. There are more restaurants taking advantage of music apps. You can download an app to see what the next song is going to play in the restaurant and then make a suggestion as well. It will be added to the playlist so that you can hear the music you want to hear while you’re at breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Payment Apps

Payment apps are handy because people are able to pay and go. Whether they get the total on their phone and leave cash. Or they want a credit card run, customers are able to do it all on their own. Restaurants are enabling these apps more and more. Because people are on the go. Once someone has finished with their meal. They don’t want to wait around for the server to bring them their check. Then come back to get the card, and then ring it and bring it back to them. People are capable of entering their credit card number within the app. They can enter in gratuity, and then a receipt is emailed to them.

Technology is being seen with more frequency at all levels of restaurants, from fast food to fine dining. It adds convenience for the customer, improving their experience, and the restaurant staff, making their jobs easier.