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Hot Restaurant Food Trends for 2015

Hot Restaurant Food Trends for 2015

There are some hot new restaurant food trends for 2015. If you are restaurateur, it is important to embrace these trends as it represents what many people are looking for on the menu. As you place more of these foods on the menu, it can result in higher sales and happier customers – a combination that you will want to experience for yourself.

Restaurant Food Trends – Scrambled Eggs

Chefs have stopped using all of the fancy ways of cooking eggs, including doubled and poached. Scrambled is being served not only for breakfast, but also for dinner. It is a food that many people can identify with, and chefs will be the first ones to say that scrambled can be one of the hardest types of cooking methods to perfect. Bobby Flay has even chosen to incorporate scrambled eggs into his dishes served at Gato in New York.

Restaurant Food Trends – Tacos

Modern Mexican concepts have been sweeping the nation for a while now. However, it’s not just about the standard Mexican flavors that are being incorporated into tacos these days. Many chefs are getting quite creative with the ingredients that they use to place inside of the tacos. Even American and Asian dishes are being placed inside of a taco because it is easy to eat with the hands, making it a perfect street food or food to eat on the go.

Restaurant Food Trends – Spicy Flavors

Restaurants have stopped being scared of introducing spicy flavors. There are more and more chilies being introduced to modern cuisine and sriracha has become a favorite sauce for the millennial generation. While it can still be advantageous to offer some mild dishes on the menu, having some spicy additions on the table can be the best way to give everyone what they want.

Restaurant Food Trends – Meat Spreads

No one wants a plain and boring spinach and artichoke dip anymore. Now, people want meat spreads. Instead of typical hummus and other sips that are spread onto crackers and chips, there are more meat spreads being use. This includes Buffalo chicken spreads, spreadable cured meat, and much more. It can serve in a bowl alongside of crostini, baguettes, and various other types of bread and is a common appetizer.

Restaurant Food Trends – Savory Pancakes

Everyone loves a good pancake, and now there are savory pancakes becoming a hot trend across restaurants in the United States. This includes pancakes made with buckwheat flour, ricotta, potatoes, and much more. Chefs are getting creative and introducing it into a wide range of ethnic cuisines.

Industry Trends

It’s also important to understand some of the restaurant food trends. There are smaller lunch breaks. And therefore people want good food to go. Or they want to be able to get it quickly. Another trend is that of family-style dining. This allows people to bring in their whole family to a restaurant. Or bring in friends and explore a variety of different dishes, serving it up family-style.

Giving people what they want is of the utmost importance. And the millennial generation is the generation of craving customization. They want what they want when they want it. And restaurants will succeed when they can do just that.