Choosing the Right Glassware for Drink Presentation

Choose the Right Glassware for Drink Presentation

Right Glassware for Drink Presentation – When people order a drink at a bar, they typically anticipate a certain type of glassware. If you don’t deliver on this, it can lower people’s opinions of your establishment. Even before they have taken the first sip of whatever liquid libations you have served them. This means you need to choose the glassware correctly based upon the drinks that you are going to be presenting on your menu.

Right Glassware for Drink Presentation

There are a lot of drinks that can utilize the same glassware. However, certain cocktails require certain types of glasses. For example, if you are going to serve someone a martini, it needs to be served in a martini glass. If you serve it in any other type of glass, it may cause people to talk. And this is not the good kind of conversation you want at the bar.

Other drinks are known for being served in certain types of glasses as well. If you are going to serve mules, you should have proper mugs available. If you are going to serve margaritas, you should have margarita glasses available. Some drinks, like daiquiris, however, can be served in different glasses. Even though there are daiquiri glasses, you can often get away with serving them in any glass. Especially if you have a cool presentation to go along with it.

If you don’t want to make the investment in a significant amount of glassware. You need to consider what your bar menu is going to consist of. You may want to focus more on beer. And wine and then create a few specialty cocktails. These “specialties” are going to require the right glassware for the drink. You may want to have a martini menu where you can load up on martini glasses.

You may also want to get creative with a cocktail and serve it in a glass that you already have. If you have a reason for serving a cocktail in a glass different than what people are accustomed to, then it can often be successful. Maybe you serve it in a larger glass in order to give people more for their money. Maybe it has to do with the way that you garnish. Regardless, you have to know the rules before you can break them. And this is absolutely critical.


There are more people who are aware of proper drink presentation than ever before. Various magazines have made sure to educate people on the importance of how to set up their own home bar. And therefore, people know all about glassware. They know the rules behind making all of the drinks. And they can name all of the different types of glasses that you should have.

There is nothing wrong with breaking some of the rules. But you need to be able to provide a reason behind it if people ask so that it doesn’t look like you were simply being cheap when you decided to buy glassware for your restaurant or bar.