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4 Areas of the Restaurant to Pay Attention to with Design

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Areas of the Restaurant to Pay Attention to with Design – When you are getting ready to open a restaurant, there are several areas to consider when you are designing. It’s not enough to have great food. People eat with their eyes, and that means a lot more than food presentation. If people don’t like what the restaurant looks like, they are not going to go in, feel comfortable, or return.

Areas of the Restaurant to Pay Attention to with Design

Exterior of Building

The exterior of the building is perhaps the most important design element area if it doesn’t look like a restaurant, people passing by may not ever stop in. You don’t want your restaurant to be a hidden gem because people may not discover that it is a gem at all. Also, you want to make the exterior inviting, and this can include the use of bright colors, vivid signage, and much more. Therefore, you will also want to consider how your theme plays into the design.

Hostess Stand

The hostess stand is one of the first areas a person will be greeted by when they walk into a restaurant. Is it clear as to where people go? Is there seating around the hostess stand where people are able to sit down and relax while they wait for a table? These are aspects that you will want to consider, and providing wooden benches or something else can be a great way to ensure people are comfortable while they wait. If they are confused immediately upon entering a restaurant or cannot be made comfortable while they wait, they may choose to walk out and never return.

Dining Room

The dining room is where people are going to be spending the majority of their time. You want to make sure that the tables and chairs are comfortable, and that the furniture makes sense for the type of theme you have chosen for your restaurant. You can choose to have small, intimate tables because of a fine dining atmosphere where the majority of diners are couples, or you can have large picnic style tables where everyone will share and food is served family style.


The bar is another area where people are going to spend some time. Some people may choose to spend all of their time at the bar, having drinks and dinner. While others may simply grab a drink while they wait for their table. Either way, you want to make sure that the design is inviting, lighting is not too harsh. And people are able to find a comfortable seat.

The bar should also be friendly within the design so that people find it to be approachable. It should be large enough to accommodate plenty of people, and have enough room in the back for bartending staff.

By paying attention to all of these details within the restaurant, you can have a well-designed location that people will enjoy going to over and over again.