World’s 50 Best Restaurants Identified for 2015

World’s 50 Best Restaurants Identified for 2015

Every year, the 50 best restaurants around the world are identified. It is sponsored by S. Pellegrino and Acqua Panna and the restaurants are then featured inside of a book. The restaurants are in all four corners of the globe, ranging from Spain to Italy to Denmark to right here in the United States. Creativity and culinary attitude are amongst the top ways to get voted into this elite ranking.

El Celler de Can Roca

El Celler de Can Roca is the restaurant that is the number one spot. It is located in Girona, Spain and is a 55 seat, contemporary restaurant. The restaurant from the outside is absolutely gorgeous, with wood and stone. The restaurant also took a tour of the southern US and part of Latin America as a way to learn more about the foods. They have a lot of gastronomically challenging foods on the menu, headed up by Chef Joan Roca. There’s also a sommelier on staff.

The first American restaurant on the list is at the number five spot, Eleven Madison Park in New York City. There’s a grand high ceiling in the dining room, white tablecloths on all of the tables, and a playful menu of dishes. One of the most popular is “Name that Milk”, a dessert that is serve inside of a wood box.

Narisawa in Tokyo is number eight and makes it to the list because of its creativity. The restaurant serves up cosmopolitan dishes that range from French to Japanese, as well as a lot of new techniques, including fermenting and baking the bread at the table.

There are plenty of other stories about each of the 50 restaurants that have made it to the list. They are within the top 50 not only because of their dining room, their service or their food, but because of a commitment to be perfect in all of these categories. Their front of house and back of house managers work closely together to ensure that everything has been consider.

The chefs are constantly pushing the envelope with flavors, and the designs of the restaurants take into consideration to provide the ultimate atmosphere. Many of the restaurants do this not to win an award, but to enjoy the culinary world and share their food with the most people possible.


The top restaurants are named every year, and there are many restaurants that change from year to year. Many of the restaurants have been around for a long time. However, some, such as Eleven Madison Park, are proof that the restaurant doesn’t have to be 10 or 20 years old in order to make the list.

If you want to receive this prestigious recognition at some point during your restaurant’s career. You have to ensure that all elements are in place. The restaurant has to offer a great atmosphere. The food has to be delicious and creative. And the customer service needs to be a notch above the competition. It can take a while to reach this balance. But when you do, more people are sure to take notice.