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Healthier Choices on the Menu

Go with Healthier Choices

There is a health food craze that’s going around, and it’s important to recognize it within your own restaurant. You need to start offering healthier choices on the menu because this is what people want. Not everyone will want it, and that means you have to figure out ways to sneak something healthier into your everyday favorites and be blatantly obvious about some of the other healthier items on the menu.

Some of the top foods that are gracing the menus across America include:

–            Whole wheat breads

–            Quinoa

–            Gluten free buns

–            Sustainable fish selections

–            Organic micro greens

There are many ways for you to incorporate these foods into the menu. Be creative about the approach so that you stay true to your restaurant’s concept. For example, if you are an Italian or Mexican restaurant, it’s not going to be as easy to add healthier choices as if you were a simple American restaurant with new specials every week.

Figure out how to add whole wheat breads onto the menu. This could be done as something that you include to everyone as they are seated, in the form of pizza crust, a sandwich bread, or some other way. It can be made in house or brought in from a bakery vendor.

Quinoa can be a natural substitution for rice. Not everyone likes the taste of quinoa, though. This is when you can blend it into brown rice, whole grain rice, and other grains. You can add it into a risotto, place it into soup, and more.

Sustainable fish can be one of the easiest things to incorporate into your menu regardless of what kind of concept you have. Simply make the decision to use this kind of fish as opposed to the kind of fish you are already using. Season it based upon the flavor profiles you offer within your restaurant. Bake, broil, or grill it, place it on a sandwich, in tacos, or in some other way.

Any time you can get creative and incorporate healthier choices on the menu, you can create a larger fan base. Many people don’t want salad when they say they want healthier, and this is the mistake that so many restaurants make.


If you can put healthier menu options out there, it can broaden the appeal of your restaurant. Not everyone is going to want healthy food, but by offering it, you increase your potential customer base. When you do add healthy options, mark them on the menu so people know that they are there. You will also want to focus on some of the hottest trends that are gracing restaurants to ensure you give the people what they want.

As long as you choose good ingredients and fun ways to introduce the healthier foods, more people will be likely to go in and try what your chefs have created.