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4 Food Trends You Need to Know About

Restaurant Food Trends

There are a lot of new food trends happening throughout the food and beverage industry. When you are looking to make some changes to your own restaurant, it can be critical to know these trends so that you can decide which ones you want to incorporate. Updating your menu can help to bring in new customers and keep the ones that you already have – and these trends can help to make that happen.

House-Made Sausage

Forget about hoping that your food supplier has the kind of sausage you want. It’s possible to incorporate your own flavors and use the protein that you desire by making house-made sausage. In today’s day and age, people want fresher food, and that means saying goodbye to processed. It’s a great way to gain loyalty amongst guests when they find out that you are making your sausage in-house.

Small Plate Menus

A nosh may be all that people want when they come into the restaurant. They may be on their way to a show and don’t want to be weighed down by a large dinner. There may also be a large group at the table who want to share the different items that you offer. Small plate menus are gaining in popularity, and go way beyond tapas. These are going to be happier than appetizers, but smaller than entrées. You may want to make sure that there are plenty of different items, allowing people to pick and choose between four or five plates that go to a single table. This can help people from having to choose just one entrée – they get to choose multiple smaller ones.

Comfort Foods

Comfort food trends are slowly starting to make their way back into restaurants. This goes from meatloaf to mac & cheese and everything in between. If you don’t have the “family diner” style restaurant, you can put a fancy spin on it – just don’t leave these items off of the menu because this is what more and more people want to see when they go out to eat. Be creative, and you may be surprised by how many people will rave about the food.

Food trends – Bacon in Dessert

Bacon has been a favorite food trends for a long time – and many restaurants throughout 2015 have been incorporating bacon in more and more dishes. It is no longer something that can be served only next to scrambled eggs or across a cheeseburger. It is now making its way into desserts.

Various ways you can add bacon into your own dessert menu include the ice cream, cupcakes, and even chocolate bark. Think about all the possibilities that exist and get creative.

You don’t have to incorporate all of the trends into your restaurant. Pick and choose the ones that make sense for the kind of restaurant you have. Know your target demographic and know what they want. When you do make changes to your menu, it’s important to bring in new customers while continuing to please the ones that have already shown you loyalty.