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At Restaurant & Cafe Supplies we have the table tops that you need. It doesn’t matter what your restaurant looks like. You can choose the thickness and shape you want in a table top made of new wood, reclaimed wood or metal. Our wide assortment of materials means you get just the style you want.

Our reclaimed wood table tops are unique, affordable and great for the environment. When you choose a reclaimed wood table from us, it is truly a win-win.

If your restaurant has a more modern style, metal may be the way to go. Metal offers a clean and commercial look and are great for outdoor use. Tops available with varied thickness, shapes and styles. We also offer a variety of table bases to support your tops.

Our reclaimed wood table tops are available in straight plank, round (with several variations), patchwork patterns, herringbone patterns and parquet patterns… even with a metal edge. Not only is using reclaimed wood sustainable and affordable, but the natural look of these tops will give your restaurant or bar an aesthetically pleasing look.

For a more sophisticated look, we offer new wood table tops made from solid walnut, which are available in butcher block style. These tops can be used in restaurants, bars, cafes and your home. They are known for their durability and sturdiness.


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