The Traditional Sit-Down Market is Shrinking

The Traditional Sit-Down Market is Shrinking

The days of traditional sit-down market dining are soon to be over. Many people don’t want to sit down at a restaurant, be waited on, and have the experience take an hour or longer. People want to get their food and get out. Knowing this may allow you to plan your restaurant concept more effectively.

New Concepts

There are a number of new concepts that are sweeping across the nation. This includes food deliveries, food trucks, and even healthy vending. This means that people have all sorts of new ways to get food quickly, which allows them to eat and move on with their lives. While there is still a time and a place to sit down and enjoy a meal at a restaurant, it is no longer the norm. The market is shrinking and that is a good thing to keep in mind if you are opening a new place.

Eliminate the Chairs

One option is to eliminate the chairs throughout half of your restaurant. Large wooden tables can be placed into the dining room, allowing people to crowd around. Food can be brought out, allowing people to eat while standing up. The lack of chairs conveys the message that they will be served quickly; whereas, they can expect a different experience if choosing to sit down.

There are more restaurants choosing to serve tapas and dim sum, and it’s for the same reason. Smaller, bite-sized foods are quicker to serve and quicker to eat. Not everyone expects or wants a chair when they visit a place that serves food.

Dining Room Tables

The tables that you place in the dining room can be solid wood, high top, and make it easy for people to stand while eating. Reclaimed wood can be used for this very purpose, allowing you to offer an attractive table for your diners while giving them exactly what they want.

As long as you know what people want, you can make the necessary adjustments. Even if you have already opened your doors to a standard restaurant, a few changes can be made. Upgrade the tables across half the dining room to the taller kind and get the chairs out of the way. Create a smaller, faster menu to be served at those tables.

When you announce the changes, you may find that you have appealed to a whole new crowd. And, of course, filling more tables should increase revenue. You can accommodate multiple parties at one table. And it gives people the chance to mingle. And meet more new people who have a like-minded attitude towards eating.

It won’t be about how many butts you can get in seats anymore. It will be about the number of open guest checks. And making sure you have done everything you can to get repeat business.