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“Free From” Foods are What the People Want

“Free From” Foods are What the People Want

When you’re in the restaurant industry, you want to follow all of the latest trends because that is what’s going to get people through the door. When they ask for wood décor and environmentally friendly products, you listen. Now, there are more people asking for “free from” foods, especially amongst the millennials.

The “free from” foods are all of those that are free from GMO, trans-fat, pesticides, preservatives, and plenty of other things. Since people are becoming more aware of how those ingredients can be damaging to the body, more people want to avoid them – and they want confirmation that the foods they eat at restaurants are completely free of them.

Approximately 84% of the people who choose foods with the “free from” labels are those who are seeking foods that are less processed, more natural. And overall healthier for them and their families. On top of that statistic, approximately 43% of the people agree that the “free from” foods are the healthier option in comparison to the foods that aren’t.

People don’t care about the labels that say fat free or calorie free. They care about whether the foods are free of GMOs, preservatives, and other items. People are looking to eat healthier, and therefore, you have to state what’s going on with the foods that you buy in order to construct all of the menu items.

When people go to the grocery store, they are able to see what the boxes, and cans and produce items say. They can read through the ingredients and make the decision as to whether they want to buy it. They know whether something is GMO free or not and if they are eating the healthiest versions of the foods they love.

When these same people go out to restaurants, they don’t know. They don’t know what labels you have in your kitchen. And whether the ingredients have GMO, trans fat, preservatives. And all of the other additives that are out there. This means it can be advantageous to tell people about the ingredients that you are putting into your food.


There are several ways for you to go about doing this. You can create little tags on the menu. That tell people what items are free from the ingredients they want to avoid. Also, you can also make a general statement about all of your ingredients. Telling people that you have the same concerns about ingredients as they do. Therefore, you can go into detail about where you source your ingredients from. And make that as part of your branding within the community.

Whatever you decide to do, focus on the fact that people want to eat healthier. More and more consumers are saying no to food additives and want to enjoy clean eating. If you can provide this at your restaurant, you are jumping on a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. It can also ensure more people take note of your restaurant and give you their business.