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Restaurant & Cafe Supplies Online has some of the most unique bar furniture available, perfect for both rustic and modern establishments. Our bar furniture is made primarily from wood and metal. It is simplistic and sleek, but also adds a great deal of character to any establishment.

Our bar furniture selection includes table tops made from reclaimed wood, solid pine, solid walnut, solid oak, solid beech and stainless steel. You’ll find the perfect fit for any type of decor your bar has. You can choose from import and American-made straight plank table tops. If you have a small bar, round reclaimed wood table tops are perfect for your establishment. Selection includes regular imported table tops and table tops with metal edge strapping.

Our solid pine, solid walnut, solid oak, solid beech and stainless steel table tops are perfect for square-shaped bars. They maintain a balance and proportion in rooms that are symmetrical. Square table tops are used commonly for bars that offer dining, allowing you to seat larger groups of guests.

For seating, you can choose from beautiful and comfortable cantina chairs, industrial ladderback chairs and steel chairs. Ladderback and steel chairs come with reclaimed wood seats. Cantina chairs are available in black and clear coated steel, and are perfect and durable for outdoor use. Reclaimed Douglas fir stools, which are perfect to give your bar an old-fashioned look are also available.

If your bar offers outdoor seating, we have durable and dazzling tables, such as the mesh outdoor tables and stainless steel tables with aluminum Bases. The mesh outdoor table is very elegant and umbrella ready for sunny weather. These tables are resistant to any weather conditions and are very easy to clean. The stainless steel table with aluminum base can also be used indoors and is available in round and square shapes.

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