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Cooking Competitions Enhance Diner Expectations

Cooking Competitions Raise Expectations

The millennials are one of the most demanding generations. They want what they want, when they want it. They are also highly influential, taking to social media as they sit at a table. This means it is important to listen to what it is that they do want to ensure that your restaurant has a chance of surviving within your community.

Cooking Competitions

There are more cooking competitions on TV than ever before – and people are watching them. Such shows as Master Chef, Top Chef, and Knife Fight are showing what chefs are capable of. As people watch chefs do amazing things within a short period of time, they expect to see these amazing things show up on their plate when they go to restaurants.

You can benefit by understanding how the cooking competitions work and what is being created. Look at the different proteins to see what the chefs are being given. It is not typically chicken breast and ground beef. Instead, they are being given cheaper cuts of beef to see how they can work with them, pork belly, and various other proteins that are easily available, but not commonly consumed.

Many millennials, and even the more curious within the other generations, have interest to try these proteins. By having your chef watch some of the cooking competitions. And re-create what is being produced and what the winning dishes are. It allows everyone to experiment and try new foods. And they will have your restaurant to thank for it.

There is also a new premise coming about where many restaurants will invite a celebrity chef to come in for a day and cook for their diners. Cooper’s Hawk, a chain that has restaurants in various parts of the United States and is based out of Chicago, has done this successfully. They have invited multiple Top Chef winners into their restaurants, including Fabio Viviani and Stephanie Izard.

Be creative when you are creating a menu so that it reflects what is going on within the cooking competitions. This is not just about the celebrity chef or the proteins that get use. Some of it has to do with cooking technique, others have to do with presentation. Or even the pairing of a beer, wine, or cocktail with the dish that is being serve.

Final Words:

Spend some time watching the different cooking competitions that are showing up on television. And see how various aspects can incorporate into your restaurant. Even some of the decor can use as a way of showing that you respect the cooking competitions. Therefore, the people who watch these shows will identify with the furniture, and it will resonate with them. However, they will know that you are serious about your culinary ambitions and will respect you for it.