reclaimed wood

Out of the Ordinary Reclaimed Wood Projects

reclaimed wood

Out of the Ordinary Reclaimed Wood Projects

We’ve seen a lot of uses for reclaimed wood, many of which are out of the ordinary. Reclaimed wood can be used to make more than just great tables.

These are some of the more ordinary reclaimed wood projects and they can be incorporated into your home, business, or restaurant with ease.

reclaimed wood planter bench

Planter Bench

On the outside of your home or restaurant, use reclaimed wood to create a bench. This gives everyone a place to sit, but it can also have a double as a planter so that you can have plenty of greenery without having to dig into the ground.

reclaimed wood wall

Wooden Wall

Whether you have drywall, brick, or some other wall within your structure, you can add some new life by creating a wooden wall. You can source word from all sorts of different locations, and you don’t have to worry about repainting it. Allow the colors to stay as is – faded blue, red, Redwood, oak, and more. The more variety of wood, the more interesting of the wall you’ll have.

reclaimed wood clock

Wall Clock

Whether you take the wood from a fence, cabinets, or anything else, you can use a simple round template and paint the numbers on. A clock kit can then be purchased and voilà, you have yourself a wall clock – and you can determine how big you want it based upon how large you cut the circle.

reclaimed wood walkway

Walking Path

Is there a lot of dirt or mulch that goes from sidewalk to sidewalk? Whether you want to make sure that people don’t walk directly through your garden or you want to make it easier for people to walk from their vehicles to your entrance, you can use reclaimed wood as an interesting walkway.

reclaimed wood art


Use the reclaimed wood as the centerpiece. You can cut various shapes out of the wood and hang it on the wall as is. Each piece of wood tells its own story, and the shape can help to tell a very different story. You can cut out hearts, peace sign, moose heads, Eiffel Towers – it is entirely up to you and the theme you are creating.

reclaimed wood mirror


You can go to any craft store and get mirrors. Take reclaimed wood and use it as a frame – and you can choose the size and shape. This can help to make it look like the room is much larger than it is, and add a hint of glamour at the same time.

Ultimately, you can get creative with the wood. However, the fact that the wood is reclaimed makes it that much more interesting. Therefore, it can be considerably more affordable than what you would get at the lumber yard, and it gives your property an artistic touch.