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Reclaimed Wood vs New Wood

Reclaimed Wood vs New Wood

When comparing which is better, reclaimed wood or new wood, there is certainly a lot of room for debate. There are many great reasons to use reclaimed wood as well as for new wood. Reclaimed wood table top supplies things like efficiency and being able to acknowledge history and tradition. New wood gives you flexibility and more customized styles of wood. Both offer great strengths, but reclaimed wood does have a slight edge when it comes to putting all the benefits together.

Reclaimed Wood Is Better

Unfortunately, reclaimed wood costs a bit more than new wood because of the process that goes into making it, its durability and strength, and the fact that reclaimed wood is now trendy in home design. The abundance of pros reclaimed wood offers can make those costs easy to ignore.

Reclaimed wood is environmentally friendly and good for the ecosystem. New wood, on the other hand, is cultivated in a tree factory manner. That doesn’t allow wood to get the benefits that trees grown in actual ecosystems would get. This type of wood doesn’t supply real durability and resistance that reclaimed wood has. Not only that, but you can pat yourself on the back for being proactive in trying to make the environment a better place.

Age matters when it comes to wood, and it definitely is important when it comes to reclaimed wood. Wood grown in a natural manner, where it had to fight for nutrients and sun, is stronger and more durable. New wood is actually more delicate because the wood is fresh and wasn’t grown in natural conditions.

Reclaimed wood also comes history, something new wood would never be able to give you. Whether the wood came from an old barn or an old table, it is something that can allow you to tell your guests stories related to the wood as well as be something you can pass on through generations.

Since we mentioned history, also great about reclaimed wood is the wide room for do-it-yourself projects. With the help of your family or friends you can work on reclaimed wood projects, such as wine shelves, drink coasters, patio flooring, and walls.

When it comes to which wood looks better, it is hard to decide. Both reclaimed wood and new wood offer something unique to the eye. We will leave that up to you.