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Top Restaurant Trends That Will Impact Where and What You Will be Eating

Top Restaurant Trends That Will Impact Where and What You Will be Eating

It’s always a good idea to look at the restaurant trends that are leading the nation. It not only gives you ideas for what you can do in your own restaurant. However, it hints at the kind of places you’ll be eating at and what you’ll be eating while you are there.

Smells & Colors

Food gastronomy has been going on for years, and now there is an entire subsection of chefs who are dedicated to testing smells and colors a little further. They are using chemistry labs of sorts in the kitchen to play with the smells, colors, and even shapes and textures of the food to see how they can impact the overall eating experience with people. It’s possible to drink single malt whiskey and have your senses tampered with so that you can hear the outdoors and smell grass to experience a grassier taste in the whiskey…and that’s just the start of it.

Department Store Eateries

Department stores want to keep people inside for as long as possible. This means they’ll do anything to keep people shopping, including bringing in an eatery. There are various large department stores in Vegas, NYC, and other major metropolitan cities that have decided to open up a restaurant right inside of the store. The food is often a reflection on fashion, and therefore, if the clothing is casual, so is the food. If the clothing is unique and made with local materials, so is the food. This is going to be a trend that will only grow as other department stores take note of the success.

Eating (and Drinking) Local

Farm to table food has been the rage for quite some time. People want to help the local economy, and farmer’s markets have grown in popularity as a result of it, too. It’s not just food that’s become a local focus, it’s now also the drinks. There are more microbreweries and distilleries opening up all over the country. It’s not uncommon to see a local vodka distillery who also serves food or who has gotten their brand into a local restaurant.


They’re gross to some, but a delicacy to others. Grasshoppers and other insects are a crunchy source of protein. They’re already showing up at snack bars and some of the more unique restaurants. While it’s not likely that people are going to trade their filet mignon in for a bowl of critters anytime soon, it is a trend that will likely appear with more frequency in coming years.

Casual Dining

Even the Michelin star chefs are deciding to get back to their roots and going for a more casual restaurant. There have been a number of concepts that have opened across the country, including a Gordon Ramsey pub and a burger bar by Hubert Keller. These are gourmet chefs who have decided to listen to what the people want and found out that what they want is simple good food within a comfortable atmosphere.