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Going Green Helps to Extend Your Brand

Going Green Helps to Extend Your Brand

You have likely seen it before. A restaurant goes green and this only helps them to extend the brand that they have already had in place. You may already have the reclaimed wood throughout your dining room to show how you are committed to sustainability, but what are you doing on a daily basis to show this level of commitment?

There are examples from many restaurants seen being environmentally responsible, placing an emphasis on local products, and caring about their guests and employees. Every decision you make within your restaurant in terms of going green will help to extend your core beliefs and support the brand that you have been sharing with the community.

Think about your actual concept and how you have incorporated going green into every aspect. If you have a to-go option within your restaurant, there are many ways to show this. Simply using recycled napkins and the recycled logo is no longer enough. There are plant-based products that allow you to offer forks, knives, and spoons that are made from these materials as opposed to standard plastic.

If you offer a to-go container, you can use recycled cardboard or plant-based materials as opposed to Styrofoam. These should be part of your brand extension and explained to people so they know just how serious you are about being environmentally friendly.

There are also various other things that you can do. It’s not just about being environmentally friendly. It’s about being the kind of employer that you would want to work for. You want to provide good things to your employees and to your customers. Plant-based cleaning products can be one of the ways to show that you want to do the right thing by everyone. These are non-toxic chemicals and can be used around kids, pets, and everyone else.

As you go green throughout your restaurant, you want to explore all of the avenues to make this happen. Sure, it’s great to have reclaimed wood tables, and that’s a great start. However, it shouldn’t stop there. You have a brand that you focus on as a way of being able to identify with consumers. It is what sets you apart from everyone else.

The way you go green can be used to help expand your brand. A number of companies including Chipotle, McDonald’s, Moe’s Southwest Grill, Darden brands, and more are using eco-friendly products as a way of exploring new horizons, making new commitments, and expanding their brand in a positive way.

You can choose to expand your brand in all sorts of different ways. You want to make your choices based upon your overall concept and in line with the branding that has already been done. You can simply expand and go green in many new ways. From the napkins you provide to the ketchup packets that you give out, there are ways to show that you are in tune with the environment so you are able to make a positive impact in all you do.

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