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How You Can Use Reclaimed Wood Tops

How You Can Use Reclaimed Wood Tops (Other Than for Tables)

Many people hear about reclaimed wood and instantly think about how it can be use for table tops. However, reclaimed wood tops can be use in a variety of other ways. Get creative and be more eco-friendly at the same time.

While there are an array of great looking tables that have been made from reclaimed wood, there are so many other things that can be done with reclaimed wood tops.

Think about reclaimed wood going down the length of a bar. As your guests sit there and sip an artisan cocktail, they’ll be intrigue by the woodgrain and the history behind it. You can find the color that suits your overall décor and get the length need to span the full length of the bar.

Reclaimed wood tops can also be use for shelving. It’s great for practical functionality, but even better for display. A shelf near your entrance is ideal for displaying awards. A lower shelf around the entrance can be use to display items you have for sale, such as a signature sauce that you have bottle.

The shelving isn’t limit to the front of the house, either. It could use in the office or in the kitchen. Think about where you have the need for organization – and the wooden shelving can add easily. Reclaimed wood is available in various sizes and coated with a clear urethane, so it keeps the gorgeous patina and makes it a lot easier to clean.

Seats can be made from reclaimed wood, too. This can be the tops of bar stools, benches and much more. Get creative as to what people sit on so that the moment people walk in, they see the uniqueness of the space.

If you know where the reclaimed wood has been source from, you can even tell a little story about it. It’s a chance to explain that you have used an eco-friendly option and give some interesting historical background.

More and more people are trying to go green. And when they know you weren’t responsible for chopping down trees to furnish and decorate. It may be a way of getting some points with the patrons. And have people talking about your restaurant for days and even weeks following their visit.