reclaimed wood

The Reclaimed Wood Movement Started Right Here

reclaimed wood furniture

The Reclaimed Wood Movement Started Right Here

reclaimed wood

We began supplying reclaimed wood to Japan back in 1994, long before it was even popular to use sustainable and environmentally friendly products. Since then, the trend has grown in popularity and now more businesses around the world want to use wood that has already been used in one capacity or another.

Today, wood table tops are being created by at a rate of anywhere between five and 600 per month. We’re literally saving trees in the process.

Wood Tops

The wood tops is use as table tops, counter tops, hostess stands, shelves, and much more. They can be round, rectangular, or square. They are also made from various types of wood, providing you with various colors to choose from.

We are the largest manufacturer of reclaimed wood products in the world, and our customers find a level of confidence in purchasing from us. You know you can find what you’re looking for – or make a request and know that it will handle properly. It’s important that you get what you want for your bar or restaurant and accepting substitutes should never happen.


Affordability should always be a factor when buying supplies. Reclaimed wood is no different. You will find that it is often more affordable to purchase items using reclaimed wood than anything else and that is because of the recycled nature. You aren’t paying for the equipment and the labor and the transportation involved with producing lumber from the forests. Instead, you are paying for the craftsmanship that turns wood procured from a building into a useable surface.

The surface can get treat or not, based upon how you are going to use it. You can then choose to get the top just the way it is or attached to a table base. This allows you to furnish your restaurant or any other location in a rustic, environmentally friendly way. People will see the difference. And it’s a way to ensure you stand out from the other businesses within your area.

There are many places who are using reclaimed wood within their designs in today’s day and age and the movement started right here.

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